Arlington City Council Comments – Sharon Wilson

Comments: Hearing Arlington City Council 

TotalEnergies/TEP Barnett 5 new wells 

11.3. Specific Use Permit SUP08-28R2 (Duke Drill Site and Drill Zone)

Tuesday, May 28, 2024 6:30 pm

Arlington City Hall 101 W Abram St, Arlington, TX 76010

I am Sharon Wilson. I live in Dallas and I am here representing Oilfield Witness speaking against SUP08-28R2. 

I spent my Labor Day weekend answering the call from distressed residents near the Bruder well where Total was conducting flowback operations. I recorded optical gas imaging video showing the substantial emissions traveling across the facility fence line far out into the neighborhood. I can show you that video. I only wish I could bring you the offensive odor that prevented many residents from enjoying their private property.

I’ve been a certified optical gas imaging thermographer since 2014. I use a Teledyne FLIR G620 instrument that makes the normally invisible oil and gas pollution visible. It is specially tuned to detect hydrocarbon gasses not carbon dioxide from vehicle exhaust–totally different issue. I compiled some of the first Barnett Shale case studies of harm to health from fracking. Those case studies were used to ban fracking in New York. The NATO Parliamentary Assembly invited me to speak in 2011 and I presented those same case studies. French Senators stood up and shouted that they would never have fracking in France. And it was banned there too. 

It is well documented that flowback has some of the highest levels of volatile organic compounds. NIOSH investigations found that at least 19 workers have died on site from exposure to oil and gas emissions. At least four from flowback emissions. A councilmember was quoted in a recent news article saying how he hated approving these wells. Then don’t approve them. He mentioned a lack of historical knowledge on the issue. You have the power to table the permit until you have more information.

There are medical doctors, lawyers, scientists, engineers and former regulators who are not paid by Total who are standing by to help Arlington make decisions that will better protect your citizens. But the experts you most need to hear are your constituents who keep showing up trying to be heard.