We work to educate members of the media on the reality of the methane and volatile organic compound emissions crisis in  Texas. "This often includes taking journalists on tours of oil and gas infrastructure from the Gulf Coast to the Permian. The following videos, articles and podcasts feature our work.

France has banned hydraulic fracturing in its territories but imports fracked gas from the US. French company TotalEnergies is a world leader in this trade. Konbini visits and reports from Arlington, a city in Texas, to learn the impacts of Total's fracking operations there and interviews local activists including Sharon Wilson. They also visit Freeport, Texas, to learn about the impact of Total's LNG operations there for export to France. The original in French is on Konbini's Youtube channel.

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PBS Peril & Promise

Phantom Threat: Fracking
April 2024

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Fronterizos Fight For Climate Justice

March 2024

2023 Podcasts

Investment Funds v. A Democratic Future (Building Local Power, November 2023)