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We are methane hunters and organizers. We use optical gas imaging technology to expose the dirty secrets of oil and gas. We leverage this intelligence to educate the public and policy makers to strengthen climate movements.


The oil and gas industry has a new strategy to maintain their system of profiting from environmental destruction. They no longer deny that their actions cause climate change. The new strategy is to delay their inevitable end while expanding operations as fast as they can. Publicly they claim to embrace regulations while continuing to pay lobbyists millions to fight regulations and spending $500 to $700 million yearly on PR campaigns. They talk about commitments to net zero, carbon offsets, and technologies to cut methane, and about sucking carbon out of the air. But plans to reduce emissions while expanding operations lack credibility. They continue to fraudulently under-report emissions. Over seventy percent of Americans want action on climate change, but many believe the industry propaganda that “natural gas" is clean and that the methane emission problems can be easily solved. These dangerous lies appeal to some politicians and to corporate interests.


We have the evidence to disprove this dangerous climate delay strategy. Oilfield Witness brings over twenty years of oil and gas expertise combined with Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) evidence to counter the fossil fuel industry’s false narrative and false solutions. Using earned media, advertising, social media and oilfield tours, we help energize community organizations, frontline residents, and other environmental partners. Our evidence of ongoing climate harming pollution in Texas oilfields will help drive a rapid and just transition to clean renewable wind, water and solar energy.

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This is episode 2 in the four-part docuseries, "Phantom Threat," a production of Nexus Media News presented in partnership with Peril & Promise.

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 Uncovering the Permian Climate Bomb

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