The Barnett Shale, the birthplace of fracking, is still a big polluter

The Texas Permian Basin is not the only area with massive emissions. The Barnett Shale in North Texas is doing its part creating health impacts for neighbors and accelerating the climate crisis by dumping more methane into our atmosphere. Methane is over 100 times more powerful at warming our planet than carbon dioxide in the…

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A Cautious Perspective on Biden’s LNG Permit Pause

We won a battle, but the climate war is far from over. Anyone living near the four proposed LNG export terminals and the two that are in pre-filing got a reprieve when the Biden Administration announced a pause on LNG permitting. Those people have every reason to celebrate. Assessing the known impacts to health, the…

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Going Back Home

Greenwood Grocery in Greenwood, TX

I’ve traveled such a long, long way from home since I left my farm in Wise County Texas. Oil and gas pollution turned an idyllic country life into a nightmare; the industry drove me from my peaceful home. Since then, It’s hard for me to feel totally at home anywhere anymore, therefore I am embracing…

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